Case details > Dongme

Dongme is a artifact for inviting partners to move together,We strive to create a location-based social movement of goods,according to interest in sport,position to help users to move quickly with your partners,based on sports scene, and widening the social circle.Group the Group's Board,activists and Sponsor,Make exercise into a game,help users to better Exercise regularly,Happy Sport!Full motion category to Satisfy a variety of sports-loving you!You can found around the same Sporty he (she / it) wherever!

Product features and functions

  • ★ Exercise Plan: Publish your own sport, plan time, place, nearby users;
  • ★ Customized: record the user's height, weight, career, goals, systems help users to generate an exercise program, and automatically matches the user close to the same plan;。
  • ★ Square Share: Record all users to share topics, photos, learning process, exciting action, we can discuss interaction with the user;
  • ★ Guru association: provides clubs, private letters, exercise program group chat, moveing partner, to help users recognize up to other sports people, sports exchange ideas and experiences together and improve themselves.
Case details > Liuliuhong

Chengdu liuliuhong food co., LTD. is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of modern condiment production enterprises. Company was founded in 2002, and located in PIXIAN county which was known as "the hometown of Chinese seasoning". Company is the governing unit of Chamber of commerce for sichuan food condiment industry of sichuan province,and member units of the sichuan spice association. This product is customized for clients a WeChat public platform, delicated to promoting the customer’s public food products including product display, online shopping, is a collection of view, consulting, online purchase, collection, share in the integration of the customer product.

WeChat concerned about the "Liuliuhong"

Product features and functions

  • ★ Click on the corresponding products, Check the details.
  • ★ For satisfactory product ,you can be carried out in real time with business consultation.
  • ★ Convenient to contact the seller.
  • ★ You can go directly into direct access to the online trading platform, easily add to cart, order immediately.
Case details > Old Children

Product features and functions

  • ★ Online text, voice chat, group chat send pictures, you can see the recent dynamics between net friend, you can click to view the contents. (Background can recommend content), search for friends, friends recommend, share feelings anywhere.
  • ★ Members can check and post in every day, internal members can instantly chat, send an SOS (send instant recourse to this community and others ,if no response within the specified time, the system continues to push other community ).
  • ★ Display the latest travel information, users can sign up online payment, online counseling, online share between the group during the trip, call for help fast (phone to the guide directly) when the players drop out.
  • ★ Businesses showcase, projects display, projects search, online ordering, project evaluation .
  • ★ Activities exhibitions, events online registration, sign-site activities, activities to share.
Case details > English test

"English test" is a CET exam learning software which specifically made for college students and English fans. Next Saturday will test CET-4/CET-6 and are you ready? Are confident that through it? This week can sleep well ?Can not be so impatient, now use the English exam learning app, can add a lot of sub!

Product features and functions

  • ★ Reduce CET answer mode to an extreme, covering all kinds of questions;
  • ★ Have Part questions over the years and mass simulation questions, updated exam;
  • ★ Hearing the original play function can be turned on or off;
  • ★ Built-in Dictionary and convenient search words;
  • ★ Wrong question and answer sheet statistics.
Case details > Canadian headlines

A specially provided real-time news for Canada Chinese platform, Allow you scan the latest production report for the first time on line.

Product features and functions

  • ★ View news more convenien;
  • ★ Real time update of the leading edge of the report;
  • ★ The page is simple, all new things at a glance;
  • ★ Concerned about the world's most popular headlines big event;
  • ★ Quick search, the snare of all kinds of information for you to choose.
Case details > Little indeed fortunate

"little indeed fortunate" is Shanghai Denong Network Information Technology Co,ltd developed for consumer Pension Regulatory Commission implementate plan of information technology platform for consumer pension. Users can achieve Consumer return pensions through the platform. After the occurrence of consumer behavior internet users, the merchant in cash, in kind, and other forms of rebate points, the platform according to the rules, "China Aging Development Foundation Denong consumption of concentrated qualified pension plan" is converted to the pension rights of consumers, consumer deposit pension spending by user name bank accounts by ICBC and Celestica funds were managed and investment Management, before the user is not the national consumer statutory retirement pension that extract consumption condition is reached, the implementation of increasing the value.

Product features and functions

  • ★ Technical information platform for the implementation of the consumer pension plan by the consumer pension. Users can be achieved through a small platform to achieve the retirement pension;
  • ★ After the platform users of consumer behavior, by the merchants in cash, in kind, integral rebate form of platform in accordance with the China aging development foundation will qualified de strong consumer pension plan "rules of the conversion to pension rights and interests of consumers, deposited consumer user consumer pension bank account;
  • ★ Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the day Hong fund were managed and cast, in the consumer user has not reached the state statutory retirement age of this extraction of the conditions of the consumer pension, the implementation of the value of.
Case details > Technology 50

TECHNOLOGY 50 is a database and reviews internet for all Chinese startups, new product. Site targeting to record all domestic areas‘ company, the growth and development process of products, users can register login to review the project description, location, contact information, etc., reviews the your interested project, to build an entrepreneur and investor interaction platform .

Product features and functions

  • ★ TECHNOLOGY 50 is a business incubator platform, focusing on small and micro enterprises and innovative business services by the Shanghai Lingtouyang Information Technology Co., develop, operate and manage;
  • ★ Since the first session of the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition was officially launched from March 2013, TECHNOLOGY 50 owns a range of services and products, as more than 10,000 small and micro enterprises to provide a full range of O2O service;
Case details > V Habitat Meishan

V Habitat Meishan is a mobile search software collection second-hand house, rent, new house, we break information barriers, to provide you with the industry exclusive market analysis, housing transactions information, view history, change the history information. let you focus on housing, community dynamic information for the first time, so you never miss a good listing.

Product features and functions

  • ★ The project is mainly used for real estate sales, second-hand sale, rental and other services;
  • ★ Available online for rental housing, and online billing services;
  • ★ The products for different room type, price, area can be classified information, and can search a map;
  • ★ Exclusive market data to help you recognize market. provide you with professional and urban residential market data analysis, exclusive first-hand data;
  • ★ Industry exclusive public listing price change history, residential transaction history, customer showings record, do not change fast listing of hot and cold;
  • ★ Remind housing survey, the first time to inform the listings change information;
Case details > Fei Kongbao

“Fei Kongbao” is developed by Shanghai Youdu Information Technology Co., Ltd., based Ali cloud platform, provide enterprise customers one-stop solution for cost control of enterprise applications, its core mission is to help customers reduce business travel, procurement costs and daily operating expenses, and through continuous technological innovation continue to optimize the user experience. e-claim system is concise and clear, provide with timely process management, so that you can more readily capture the business process state information. Professional and customized reporting system provides detailed data for business users using for business analysis, budget control and compliance management. The widely use of e-claim system bring the pleasures when the user experience the Social communication and convenient mobile applications on the job inner the company , Reimbursement, procurement and business travel is no longer difficult! e-claim system’s solutions orientated all enterprise regardless of industries, size and area. In the future, e-claim system will be based on Ali cloud platform to strengthen the interoperability with ERP, tax and electronic invoicing system, financial institutions (including third-party payment platform), Business Services and a variety of consumer platforms, achieve the depth of integration for enterprise procurement and payment , business travel reservations, consumer records to share ,electronic bills (invoices) and online payment business chain, to form a complete business chain closed loop, creating consumer payment ecosystem which services more than 4,600 million SMEs in China.

Product features and functions

  • ★ Process more streamlined;;
  • ★ Operation more convenient;
  • ★ Timely cost-control;;
  • ★ Capital cost savings;
  • ★ Specification, streamlined business processes, providing employee productivity;
  • ★ Messaging, real-time feedback mechanism, smooth employees, management to grasp the business dynamics;;
  • ★ Cost fine management, real-time statistical data, evidence-based approval;
  • ★ Meet the staff and manager to handle travel reservations, expense reimbursement and payment of procurement matters anywhere;
Case details > Mitu

Mitu ,a new and unique photo sharing social application, is introduced by, is a mixture of Pictures, sharing, entertainment. Mitu have kinds of photo filters that can help you landscape photos fast, easily publish the network(, the same time there may be an added bonus!

Product features and functions

  • ★ Many photo filter function in real time;
  • ★ Free Registration: Available popcorn network account login;
  • ★ Popcorn picture real-time synchronization to the network;
  • ★ Record your footprint, memorable your moments;
  • ★ Concern their wonderful life the moment the United States anytime and anywhere;
  • ★ Share freedom , concerns life , share every moment exciting;
Case details > After six

This product is a local communication social software, designed for managers of social entertainment software, provides some functions (communication,interaction,sharing,etc.), it is well known that our boss contacts a number of turns per owner on average is about 50-150, on a more business contacts, which means one more opportunity, and we - "after six o'clock " strive to build a network of 5,000 laps in Leshan region within three years, to add more contacts and opportunities for your business.

Product features and functions

  • ★ Meet new people here, to broaden commercial channels of cooperation, make career development better;
  • ★ New business opportunities, new circle, make your life more colorful;
  • ★ Rich network communication circle ,provides us with communicateion opportunities;
  • ★ More than a friend, more than a development opportunity;
  • ★ Expand contacts speed and timely communicate business development prospects;
Case details > Traffic police brigade

Traffic police brigade WeChat public number is A shortcut based on real-time traffic incident and event query, the collection of information inquiry, reservation processing events, alarms, guidelines, it is convenient for users, greatly improve the processing efficiency of traffic affairs.

WeChat concerned about the "Mianyanjiaojing"

Product features and functions

  • ★ Beautiful and simple user interface, greatly enhance the user experience;
  • ★ Quickly and efficiently handle user traffic incident and a series of quick and traffic information;
  • ★ Fast booking traffic event handler;
  • ★ One-button alarm, convenient and efficient;
UI Designer

UI Designer (2)

Jobs Responsibilities:

  • 1、Engage with UI design of mobile client interface , and have some knowledge of the secondary interaction;
  • 2、Based on understanding of the product design needs, and complete the required visual design proposal;
  • 3、Set overall product’s visual interface style and creative planning with throught teamwork;
  • 4、complete the full mobile terminal products with Program Engineer;

Jobs Requirements:

  • 1、One years experience in UI design / web interaction design;
  • 2、Familiar with iOS / Android, have related application or game design experience is preferred;
  • 3、Have the original 2D or 3D design capabilities, skilled use of software;
  • 4、Have a solid grounding in the art, good at grasping the variety of styles of UI design style and adapting to changing UI design requirements;
  • 5、Concerned about the mobile Internet, software and other electronic products;
  • 6、Have a more profound understanding the "user experience";
  • 7、Quickly and accurately understand the true intentions of the planning documents, with good communication skills.
  • Resume delivery:
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    IOS Engineer

    IOS Engineer (2)

    Jobs Responsibilities::

    • 1、Based on the iPhone platform to product development;;
    • 2、Development and maintenance the software product for iPhone, tablet terminal;
    • 3、Program code,.according to the needs and design independently develop and test a functional unit;
    • 4、Work with testing team to resolve defects.

    Job requirements:

    • 1、One years iOS development experience;
    • 2、Have a degree in computer science or related discipline,a good basis for the development of mobile phone software performance optimization, memory optimization have a certain understanding;
    • 3、Have excellent optimization, debugging and problem-solving skills, clear logical thinking ;
    • 4、Familiar with the iPhone / iPad UI design, memory management and MacOS, iPhone under Objective C programming, learn iPhone SDK and development tools;
    • 5、Familiar with common network interactive development methodology;
    • 6、Familiar with object-oriented programming, graphical interface development;
    • 7、Learn commercial iPhone / iPad development and release process;
    • 8、Have good communication skills, team spirit, able to work under pressure.
    • 9、There is electricity supplier-related work experience is preferred.
  • Resume delivery:
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    Android Engineer

    Android Engineer (2)

    Job Responsibilities:

    • 1、 Responsible for the Android platform of the client software on the product development and maintenance;
    • 2、Complete architecture and modular design, coding, according to product requirements;
    • 3、Cooperate to complete the test work;
    • 4、According to the project plan, deliver high quality code, and complete development tasks;
    • 5、Improve software usability to enhance the user experience;
    • 6、Complete Android smartphone application development-related technology research.

    Job requirements:

    • 1、Proficient in Android system architecture and related technologies;
    • 2、It has the ability to complete product development, has experienced a variety of adaptation android phone;
    • 3、To work with passion , enthusiasm for technology, have higher independent research and development ability, strong learning ability, able to focus on the technical work;
    • 4、you must have strong sense of responsibility and initiative, can work under pressure, have a strong team spirit, and good at communication and cooperation;
    • 5、Have a profound understanding for The mobile Internet, able to adapt to the company's entrepreneurial growth rate and challenges;
    • 6、Android UI controls have practical use and optimization experience is preferred; Front-end development experience is preferred.
  • Resume delivery:
  • 关闭



    • 1. 使用PHP语言开发高效能数据、应用服务
    • 2. 按时按质完成模块开发工作
    • 3. 较好的文档撰写能力,在编码期间能撰写清晰明了的注释 .
    • 4. 遵守团队的代码格式、结构的规定,编写易读、易维护、高质量、高效率的代码
    • 5. 独立对Wordpress/MU等进行二次开发和应用.


    • 1. 精通PHP开发与常用技术框架.
    • 2. 熟悉Wordpress/MU代码,有二次开发经验为佳.
    • 3. 熟练掌握jQuery和plugin的编写.
    • 4. 具备优秀的编程能力,熟练掌握常用数据结构和算法.
    • 5. 对Mysql有十分深入的认识,能够编写高效的SQL.

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    With the popularity of smart phones, the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile phone is no longer a simple communication tool, but the continuous penetration and influence our life -- reading, navigation, shopping, games... And so on, we use the phone's frequency is getting higher and higher, more and more dependent on the phone...... In the face of such changes, the traditional enterprise to face more challenges, but also usher in a lot of new opportunities: how to use the mobile Internet to develop their own business? How to promote their own brand through the new media? How to carry out electronic commerce? How to make an effective network marketing...... ? ATRA (Chengdu) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, the core team mostly technology origin, has long been engaged in mobile Internet related product / project design and development and accumulated rich project experience and a solid technical foundation in this field. We firmly believe that: Science and technology convenient life, innovation and change the world! Because of love, the distinction of...... our commitment to traditional enterprise (service) tailored to mobile Internet solutions (marketing, e-commerce, LBS/O2O), providing quality mobile Internet applications and products for the end user. While creating value for the enterprise and the user, it also realizes our value.



    Company members are graduated from computer related major, have a good professional knowledge background; long engaged in the Internet related occupations, the industry's technology, products, marketing and promotion have professional research.


    high efficiency

    Core team has a wealth of Internet Project / product development experience, the analysis of project / product requirements, can quickly respond to the rapid development of project / product prototype.



    Team members are mostly technical background, in the web/ios/android development, database, cloud computing and other related technical fields, there is a wealth of practical experience, can quickly learn and master the emerging technology.


    Give you enough stage to play your biggest potential and join our team......

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